ALGEO frost and cooling agent

ALGEO is used as heat carrier in for example heating systems, air-conditioning and cooling systems, as brine for heat pump systems, in biogas plants, block heat and power plants or also in the food and stimulant sector as well as in pharmaceutically and ecologically sensible areas. Due to its optimally harmonized inhibitors, it reliably protects against frost, corrosion, debris, siltation or biofilm. Other application areas are for example in breweries, dairies, in fish and meat processing plants, in the beverage industry.
Besides frost protective properties, ALGEO also has the necessary corrosion inhibitors and a sufficiently high reserve alkalinity, so as to be able to confront the described corrosive influences. Furthermore, the use of ALGEO also protects against galvanic corrosion in mixed installations.

We develop customized and individual solutions. All products are accompanied by elaborate laboratory and benchmark tests before being launched. We follow strict quality and environmental standards during production. We are committed to sustainability and nature conservation.

The analysis, documentation and technical evaluation of the products is based on internationally applicable standards (DIN, EN, ASTM).
Quality assurance, environmental sustainability and partnership support of the clients are our focus, in addition to the first class and technically sophisticated product performance.

ASTM-standards D3306/D4656 and ASTM D4985

ALGEO completely fulfils the ASTM-standards D3306/D4656 and ASTM D4985 and is authoritative and trendsetting. The static corrosion in accordance with ASTM D1384 (ASTM = American Society for Testing Materials) is a test method which inspects the corrosiveness of heat transfer fluids to metals. In this process, the so called testing chains of different metals (copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and AlSi6Cu3) are joined together over spacers (partially electrically conductive, partially insulating) and put into ASTM-glasses, completely covered in test liquid and tested for 336h i.e. 1000h at 88°C and air flow (6 L/std.). This simulates conditions of a plant’s complete life cycle under extreme conditions and readjusts these. The corrosion-inhibiting properties of the testing liquid are analysed my means of weight changes (testing metals are weighed before and after the test).
The following limits apply (abrasion and coat in g/m2):

cooper: ±10 cast iron: ±10 soft solder: ±30
steel: ±10 AlSi6Cu3: ±30

brass: ±10

Our test results:






EG guidelines 2002/95/EG

ALGEO does not contain any substances listed in the EG guideline 2002/95/EG (RoHS), Article 44§1 which are limited in use: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) i.e. polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

The product is inhibited free of nitrites, amines, borates and silicates and does not contain any heavy metals which are toxic in the application concentration. The certified Quality Assurance System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 is applied during production and quality control. This insures a consistently high product quality.

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